WACCINE compo. GR351

The best run of Waccine's history
and increase distance by +40%
(According to in-house research)


Recommended Length: 45 - 48


Revolutionizing shaft with competitive advantage.

With the ultimate priority of driving distance, 'WACCINE compo. GR351' is an unrivelled shaft made of propriety design using the highest quality standards that cannot be imitated anywhere else.

DOUBLE-COUNTER DESIGN (Pendulum Weight Distribution Design) since 2009

Manipulate "heavy" and "light" freely to increase your smash factor.

Unique formulation of metal at the tip and butt of the shaft. Maximize your swing and smash factor by the ability to feel the weight despite its lightness, and vice-a-versa, improve your swing-through and increase clubhead speed by the ability to feel lightness despite its weight. This proprietary mechanism allows optimal weight distribution that is suited for every type of golfer.


Enables consistent swing from drivers to irons and stabilize direction.

In conventional golf clubs, the frequency of the shaft changes with each club which causes inconsistency in shots. As a solution, we have integrated 'FLAT FLEX DESIGN' which stabilizes the frequency of the shafts from drivers to sandwedge. With this innovative approach, you can expect an evolution in your driving distance and achieve a better score.


Improve 'initial velocity' and 'ball contact'.

With the conventional shape of a shaft, the allowable range of kick point (KP) was ± 10 mm, but by extending the straight tip length (parallel part) to about twice that of the existing shaft, the range of motion of KP has expanded dramatically. With our manufacturing technology, we are able to produce super-low KP shafts that have achieved unprecedented performance.

Carefully selected materials for those who wish to increase their distance

Incorporating a highly elastic, high-strength, high-viscosity metal material known as 'Boron'.

By formulating the tip and the hand the saft using Boron of high purity, it dramatically improves the flexibility of the whip and the repulsive force of the spring, which are both the strengths and uniqueness of WACCINE.

Cutting-edge carbon fiber "M40X" for both strength and elasticity

The lightweight shaft is further improved by formulating with Toray's new material that enables high strength and forgiveness.

High-purity carbon sheet "RC15% prepreg"

The amount of resin has been reduced by 25%, and the performance of the solid carbon material provides high forgiveness and stickiness.

Ultra-high elasticity carbon fiber "70t"

Incorporating ultra-high elasticity material in the optimal areas creates the most ideal sharp bend throughout the entire shaft.

Target golfers who :

  • Are average hitters
  • Are worried about slicing
  • Cannot achieve high trajectory
  • Cannot achieve any run

Bend distribution map

Product specifications

GR351 DR ¥100,000 (tax included ¥110,000)
Flex R SR S SX*
Fit in H/S 32~36 37~40 41~44 45~48
Weight(g) 42 45 49 52
Kick Point Super Low Super Low Super Low Super Low
Torque 7 6.5 6 6
New Frequency
203 219 236 254
1181 1181 1181 1181
Thickness 15.2 15.3 15.5 15.6

* Tip diameter 8.65 After painting

GR351 FW ¥72,000 (tax included ¥79,200)
Flex R SR S
Fit in H/S 32~36 37~40 41~44
Weight(g) 46 48 55
Kick Point Super Low Super Low Super Low
Torque 7 6.5 6
New Frequency
203 221 238
1118 1118 1118
Thickness 15 15.1 15.3

* Tip diameter 8.65 After painting

GR351 UT ¥48,000 (tax included ¥52,800)
Flex R SR S
Fit in H/S 32~36 37~40 41~44
Weight(g) 46 48 54
Kick Point Super Low Super Low Super Low
Torque 6 5.5 5
New Frequency
204 221 238
1041 1041 1041
Thickness 14.9 15 15.2

* Tip diameter 9.15 After painting

GR351 IR ¥36,000 (tax included ¥39,600)
Flex R SR S
Fit in H/S 32~36 37~40 41~44
Weight(g)LG 43 44 45
Weight(g)MD 41 42 43
Weight(g)ST 39 40 41
Kick Point Super Low Super Low Super Low
Torque 5.5 5 4.5
New Frequency
206/209/212 224/228/232 242/246/250
Lengh LG 978 978 991
Lengh MD 940 940 953
Lengh ST 902 902 914
Thickness 14.8 14.9 15

(LG-#3/#4/#5 MD-#6/#7/#8 ST-#9/#10/A/S)
* Tip diameter 9.46 After painting

* Frequency is according to the 60 degree method DR-46 / D2 FW-43 / D1 UT-40 / D1 IR LT- # 5 38 / D1 MD- # 7 37 / D0 ST- # 9 36 / D0 * Product specifications are subject to change without notice.