Black SP

For golfers who dream of 200 yards.
+6% increase in flight distance!
(According in-house research when WACCINE compo is installed)

From professionals and intermediate players to athletic and leisure golfers

High Trajectory / Draw Mechanism

Improved head speed

Dual wing design reduces air resistance

High trajectory & long carry

Shallow face and high loft that are easy to hold

Draw-and-hit mechanism

Centered gravity with a weight screw

Improvement of initial velocity

Uses high-resilience material that conforms to the rules.
Center of gravity design that maximizes the resilience of repulsion

The Principle of Distance (Golden Ratio)

The center of gravity is placed in the face-center to achieve maximum repulsive force.

・ Face height / 55
・ Height of center of gravity / 34
・ Center of gravity distance / 42
・ Depth of center of gravity / 38
・ Center of gravity angle / 32.5

Center of gravity ratio ① / 61%
(ratio from sole to face thickness)
Center of gravity ratio ② / 50%
(ratio from heel to face width)
Toe: Heel = 5: 5
Top: Bottom = 4: 6

Product specifications

WACCINE DRIVER Black SP head unit price / ¥50,000 (tax included ¥55,000)
Loft 11(±1)
Rye 61°
Volume 450cc
Head weight 188g
Coefficient of restitution CT value less than 257
Face thickness 2.85mm
Face material forged DAT55G
Body material Vacuum precision casting 6-4TI
Weight screw Tungsten (standard 8g installed)
Screws sold separately (2/4/6/12g)