Optimize Ball Contact, Never Go Left Again.
Increase +16 Yards Distance By Reducing Air Resistance!
(*According to in-house research when GR351 DR-S is installed)

Increase +5.4% H/S By Reducing Air Resistance!

Compact 430cc and Flow Surface Structure

Reduce Spin By 20%!

Shallow center gravity and deep face design

Face Height/60mm. Height Of Center Gravity/35mm
Center of Gravity Distance/ 38mm. Depth of Center Gravity/ 32mm. Center of Gravity Angle/ 28 degrees

Suppreses The Return Of the Club Head With Structured Weight Distribution

Carbon crown + vacuum precision casting

Hit Hard With WACTITAN!

WACTITAN (forged DAT55) is used for the face material

Achieve Optimal Trajectory With Sleeve Loft Adjustment Function

Product Specs

WAC-LS02 (With Sleeve Function)
head unit price ¥70,000 (tax included ¥77,000)
Loft angle 10(standard position)
Rye angle 60.5(same as above)
Face angle 0(same as above)
Volume 430cc
Head weight 198g(including 7g sleeve + 8g weight screw)
Face thickness 2.9mm
Face material forged DAT55
Body material Carbon crown + vacuum precision casting 6-4TI
Sleeve material SUS630
Accessories Head cover
Optional weight screw 2g / 4g / 6g / 10g / 12g ¥1,500 (tax included ¥1,650)
Screwdriver ¥3,200 (¥3,520 including tax)
Sleeve ¥3,000 (¥3,300 including tax)
Sleeve mounting screw ¥500 (¥550 including tax)